During the course of the year we have many contests including: a summer vacation contest, a Halloween contest, a Thanksgiving contest, a Christmas contest, an Easter contest, and a 4th of July contest. We change the decor of the office throughout the year to match the theme of our current contest. The contests provide our patients with opportunities to win exciting prizes. The contests are fun for us too because we enjoy interacting with our patients and getting to know them better.

Spring fever 2016 Contest Winner: Jeremey

Spring fever 2016 Contest Winner: Jeremey for matching all 20 stadiums with their teams.

Spring Fever 2016

Catch the fever for spring training and match the baseball teams to their home stadium. Prizes will be given the patient who gets the most matches.


Fall 2015 Contest Winner: Brandon

Fall Contest 2015

Match the skull x-ray to each spooky team member! Prizes will be given to the most matches, winners will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Good luck!

Congratulations to our Summer 2015 Contest winners: Wesley, Teagan, Avery, Carina, Aliyah and Rylee!

Summer 2015 Contest

Congratulations to our Facebook 2015 Contest Winner: Michelle

Winner of our Easter raffle contest 2015: Crystal

Facebook 2015 Contest

Fall Raffle

The winners are Maria and Gaby! Congratulations. Hope you enjoyed you prize!

Celebrating 50 Years Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in out 50th year contest. The Winner was Matt. Here are the answers.

1. What was the address of Dr. Arthur Dugoni's first ortho office?
* Spruce
2. What was Dr. Steven Dugoni's first job?
* Paperboy
3. How many patients have we treated in the past 50 years?
* 10,000 patients
4. What was the age of the youngest patient at Dugoni Orthodontics
* 5 years old
5. What was the age of the oldest patient at Dugoni Orthodontics?
* 79 years old
6. How much was the cost of braces in 1964?
* 925.00

Winter Contest Winner (Guess who?)


Halloween Contest: How Many Pumpkin Seeds?

The pumpkin had 477 seed. Darren's guess was 476 and David's guess was 479. Great job boys. Thank you to everyone that participated.


New Patient Referrals

Congratulations to Joe, Maria, and Brian! They each won a Spa package worth $100 for referring the most patients to our office.